The ChatPhysics Live team

The ChatPhysics Live team

Fabio Di Salvo


I founded the @ChatPhysics Twitter account in 2019 as a way to help (often isolated) physics teachers share ideas and chat. Since then I have expanded #ChatPhysics to include our website and YouTube channel, as well as helping set up @ChatChemistry and @ChatBiology, and the creation of multiple regional accounts to start our global #ChatPhysics expansion.



I teach physics and engineering at KS4 & 5. I help run the @ChatPhysics Twitter account, and I organise the weekly chats. I also am behind the graphics of #ChatPhysics (and most of the wider #Chat family!) and the creation of our new stickers!

Miss Charlie


Self confessed nerd and over user of gifs in place of words – I’ve been teaching KS3 & 4 Science for 14 years, I am part of the #ChatPhysics team, writing, curating content & hosting weekly chats. I am one of the founding members of #ChatChemistry and can’t wait for it to become the kind of community ChatPhysics has become.

Headshot of Chris Baker

Chris Baker


I’m a former physics teacher, but still very interested in helping teachers as much as I can. I’m active on Twitter, and am involved in Chat Physics and CogSciSci. I help with various things behind the scenes, including the website, and help with copywriting and editing various #ChatPhysics projects. 

David Brown


I have taught GCSE and A Level physics for over 20 years. I archive the @ChatPhysics weekly chats and I run the @ChatPhysics YouTube channel.

Headshot of Jinny Bell

Jinny Bell


I contribute content to and support the organisation of Thursday evening chats on Twitter. I participate in the planning and processes of current and upcoming ChatPhysics projects!

Sarah Dowd


I am a physics teacher based in NYC, teaching IB. I help run the @ChatPhysics and @ChatPhysicsWest Twitter accounts, and also am the #ChatPhysics quiz master!