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An Introduction to Using Visualisers in the Physics Classroom

Jamie Mayville
Written by Jamie Mayville

This is a short introduction to using visualisers in the Physics Classroom. It includes a simple guide to 3 of the most popular visualisers used by teachers, and 3 examples of uses of visualisers in a physics context which can be applied to all key stages and sciences. It ends with a summary of various activities you can use a visualiser for in physics.

Featured photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

About the author

Jamie Mayville

Jamie Mayville

An engineering in a previous life, now a physics teacher of 10 years. Has been head of Physics and KS5 science coordinator at Sawtry Village Academy for the last 4 years. Becoming an IOP coach and STEM training facilitator in the last 2 years. Jamie tweets @jammyphysics

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