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James de Winter

James de Winter

Formally a secondary school physics teacher, James now leads the secondary Physics PGCE course at the University of Cambridge. He is a member of the Physics Education Research Group at the University of Uppsala, Sweden, where he is studying for a doctorate on the developing professional identity of early career physics teachers. James also works with the Ogden Trust on many of their projects supporting physics teaching.

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  • Really useful introduction, focusing on research outcomes/resources that teachers can apply in planning teaching and in the classroom. (But, then, just what I would expect from James.)

  • Wow! That’s incredible list of resources.It seems I have finally found something which resonates with me as a lonely Physics teacher in my little part of world.Thanks James.

  • Thanks,

    I’ve put the slideshow and the link to the Some Pillars of Wisdom : A Physics Education Research Primer document in the Physics Education Research section on http://www.teachphysics.co.uk/ and whilst you are there I recommend the completely unrelated Physics and Birdsong section for my favourite ever lesson on sounds/waves